Cardiovascular Biophysics Laboratory

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis


Cardiovascular Division
Department of Internal Medicine
Program in Cell Biology and Physiology
Department of Biomedical Engineering
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Current Research Themes

Our current research focuses on:

  • Parameterized diastolic filling (PDF) formalism

  • Phase plane analysis of diastolic function

  • Phase plane analysis of ventricular-vascular coupling

  • Non-linear analysis of heart function

  • Load independent index of diastolic function

  • Diabetes and diastolic function

  • Mitral annular motion and longitudinal left ventricular diastolic function

  • Segmental diastolic function assessment

  • Diastolic function analysis in the frequency, rather than time domain

  • Constant volume attribute of the four-chambered heart and its implications

  • Kinematic filling efficiency of the left ventricle